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Lame Front-End

Release date:
Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10



Lame Front-End is a graphical interface for the popular and very fast MP3 encoder & decoder – LAME. It offers easy access to all LAME parameters without the need for command line usage.

The program offers a simple mode (for beginners), which was designed according to the LAME authors guidelines, and an advanced mode which reveals additional expert options.

Lame Front-End can work in batch mode, so it can be used by external applications to encoding/decoding files, e.g. by Exact Audio Copy, CDex.

The application is designed for LAME 3.99.5 – the latest stable version available in March 2013.


The most important features

  • Converting WAV, PCM, AIFF, RAW files to MP3 (encoding).
  • Converting MP3, MP2, MP1 files to WAV (decoding).
  • Transcoding MP3 files.
  • Two modes: Simple for beginners, Expert for advanced users.
  • Saving ID3v2 tags in the MP3 files.
  • Integration with the Windows Explorer (optional).
  • Saving and loading LAME parameters.
  • Portability. The program can be installed on mobile devices.
  • Supported languages: english, german, italian, japanese, polish, portuguese (BR), russian.
  • 100% freeware – for private and commercial use. There are no limitations, adware, spyware etc.

How to uninstall?

If you no longer use Lame Front-End application or if you want to free up space on your hard disk, you can uninstall this program from your computer. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Open Programs and Features by clicking the button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.
  2. On the list of installed programs select Lame Front-End and then click Uninstall. This will launch the uninstall wizard.
  3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

End User License Agreement

This program is completely free. You can use it without any restrictions, also for commercial purposes.


Version 1.8 (2013.03.15)

  • New version of the LAME encoder (3.99.5).
  • Support for new languages: Traditional Chinese, Hungarian and Spanish.
  • Small source code modifications.

Version 1.7 (2011.12.01)

  • New version of the LAME encoder (3.99.3).

Version 1.6 (2011.11.24)

  • New version of the LAME encoder (3.99.2).
  • Possibility of transcoding MP3 files.
  • From now the program is distributed primarily in the form of the installer, although a portable version (ZIP archive) is still available.

Version 1.5 (2011.04.13)

  • Improved compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  • The program is now portable.
  • Improved the progress of conversion.
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.4 (2010.06.12)

  • New version of the LAME encoder (3.98.4).
  • Small source code modification & bug fixes.

Version 1.3 (2009.01.06)

  • New version of the LAME encoder (3.98.2).
  • Support for XP visual styles.
  • Small source code modification & bug fixes.

Version 1.2 (2008.07.25)

  • Improved comatibility with LAME 3.98.

Version 1.1 (2008.07.13)

  • New version of the LAME encoder (3.98).
  • Small source code modification.
  • Changed the license – now the program may also be used for commercial purposes. Previous version (Lame Front-End 1.0) can be used only for non-commercial purposes.

Version 1.0 (2006.11.05)
Initial release.

Previous versions

Lame Front-End 1.8
Release date: 15.03.2013
SHA-256 checksum: 512C0E2A855E7CB03CBBE432D4D5B2F36BFEC852B4249AED3F345FD8BBA2BA2E
Lame Front-End 1.7
Release date: 01.12.2011
SHA-256 checksum: B3A3B518D09F588F6718D324D5144504C89F0BBAE1D0C17404817EEE73B9CCE5
Lame Front-End 1.6
Release date: 24.11.2011
SHA-256 checksum: E79EA4881F044A53E6E57BDEC5B39854EDB207FBAED7EBF937843ACAE9ED2A84
Lame Front-End 1.5
Release date: 13.04.2011
SHA-256 checksum: 4773F04895FB53D1078C61C39BDD4FE42DC9F745903C2A244D91A3B24214555B
Lame Front-End 1.4
Release date: 12.06.2010
SHA-256 checksum: 61E67244C43FCD477CFA7258BC9392E36C98B43493A8CA2652D7A412AC95830F
Lame Front-End 1.3
Release date: 06.01.2009
SHA-256 checksum: B9B0B40D36F01504BE4F32CF936D9B6EAF0311B3EED867090E6D7476BC857381
Lame Front-End 1.2
Release date: 25.07.2008
SHA-256 checksum: 8055594F951FB04C05B0DFB2080712ABA8AEB873EA8B35EAEA5F5A3F3D45E6A1
Lame Front-End 1.1
Release date: 13.07.2008
SHA-256 checksum: F8DEC5CACE9992690E2AC42DA3F2C1FB6D8B958C4F1444B13F76AED11C5BB8D6
Lame Front-End 1.0
Release date: 05.11.2006
SHA-256 checksum: 5891F1D9CFDDDDDEB678BD7675E70DAE6297892DF52177D936EE988E29C30A2A