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FLAC 1.3.3 – Free Lossless Audio Codec

About FLAC

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a very popular lossless, open source audio encoder and decoder.

FLAC encoded files are usually 50-60% smaller than the source files, which is a good result considering that lossless compression is used.

FLAC encoded files usually have the .flac extension. Sometimes you can also find Ogg-FLAC files – audio files with the FLAC audio stream embedded in the Ogg container and with the .ogg extension.


Both ZIP archives contain two executables: flac.exe (FLAC encoder/decoder), metaflac.exe (metadata editor).

Basic usage

Encode WAV file to FLAC using default compression level (5):
flac file.wav -o output_file.flac

Encode WAV file to FLAC using maximum compression level (8):
flac -8 file.wav -o output_file.flac
flac --best file.wav -o output_file.flac

Creating Ogg-FLAC file (FLAC audio stream in the Ogg container):
flac --ogg file.wav -o output_file.ogg

Decode FLAC file:
flac -d file.flac -o output_file.wav

Compilation info

Cross-compiled on Xubuntu 20.04
SSE optimizations: yes
ASM optimizations: yes
Ogg/FLAC support: yes
GCC version: 10.1.0
jp, 2020.08.08